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Deerfield Valley
Bi-Town Housing

Striving for safe, affordable housing for all

1800+ Jobs in

Dover & Wilmington

68% of Workers Commuting

200-475 Additional 

Units Needed

800 Current



What is Bi-Town Housing?

The Bi-Town Economic Development Committee was created many years ago to work on Economic Development issues in Dover and Wilmington. A housing sub-committee of Bi-Town was created in 2017 to discuss the growing housing needs in our community. Our committee meets monthly to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and overall plan for housing in the Deerfield Valley.


Bi-Town Housing Initatives

Housing Growth
& Availability

We look to support the health and growth of our housing stock with forward thinking initiatives, data tracking and programming to help reach our housing goals

Support &

From the creation of the landlord support group to offerings of informative and engaging education opportunities, we focus on the growth of knowledge and support of all our stakeholders


We work to equip our housing providers, homeowners and renters with current and accurate resources to assist with housing planning, decision making and unit sustainability in our towns


We strive to be a consistent voice at the local, state and federal level to ensure that the decisions being made on regulations and legislature continue to be in the best interest of the people and workforce of our communities


Housing Committee

Modern Houses

Housing Analysis & 
Master Plan

Image by Bill Mead


Created in 2017, the Bi-Town Housing Committee meets each month to discuss challenges, opportunities, and planning for housing in the Valley

The Housing Analysis and Master Plan for Dover & Wilmington was completed and presented to the Towns in November of 2019

From local, to State, to Federal, there are many resources to help with the housing process. Deerfield Valley Housing helps to find them for you

Top Housing Goals

To meet housing demand created by in-commuters, increase the availability of year-round rentals.
To increase community pride and quality of housing, improve the appearance, health, and safety of the current housing stock.
Facilitate the development of housing for seniors and yearround workforce.
Improve housing through a holistic approach via advocacy and economic development engagement.

Living in the Deerfield Valley

Life in the Deerfield Valley provides incredible opportunities for world class recreation, dining, entertainment and employment. It's no secret that the towns of Wilmington and Dover are excellent communities to grow your family, your business, and your career.
With renowned events and relaxed lifestyle, the Deerfield Valley provides an amazing opportunity for those who appreciate an active, outdoor, four-season lifestyle but also crave fine restaurants and night life.
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