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Information on your renters rights, homeownership options,  housing programs, code violations, and more


USDA Rural Development
Housing Assistance and Rehabilitation Information

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Vermont Agency of Commerce and
Community Development Resources

Tenant Educational Materials

The Vermont Apartment Owners' Association, a group representing Vermont landlords, and the Vermont Tenants program of the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, a tenant advocacy organization, worked together to create educational materials for use by landlords and tenants in Vermont. The materials include a comprehensive guidebook, pamphlets on basic rental agreements; fair housing law; and Town Health Officer inspections, and a brief video outlining the legal eviction process. Designed for use by both landlords and tenants, these guides aim to provide information about Vermont's laws in order to ensure that each side of the rental agreement understands their rights and their responsibilities and how to address problems.

According to the Vermont Housing Needs Assessment, approximately 75,784 Vermont households rent. This page has useful information and helpful resources for both renter households and owners of rental housing. For additional resources visit our Housing Links page.

Vermont's Rental Housing Codes

This website outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants throughout the rental process and explains the standards that municipalities and town health officers should enforce when inspecting rental housing. 

Short Term Rental health and safety checklist from the Division of Fire Safety

Information for Renters

If you're looking for an affordable apartment, try the Vermont Directory of Affordable Rental Housing or USDA's Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Rentals

Information and application forms for rental assistance and homeownership programs including mobile home parks, administered by the Vermont State Housing Authority are available at the VSHA website. Contact your local public housing authority if you live in any of the following cities: Barre, Bennington, Brattleboro, BurlingtonMontpelierRutland, Springfield and Winooski.

If you are homeless, need shelter, or are in danger of becoming homeless dial 2-1-1 or visit the Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity.

Vermont Rental Housing Health Code

The State Rental Housing Health Code (pdf) is enforced by the Local Health Officer and covers rented dwellings and mobile home lots that are not in a mobile home park.

Need information on the Landlord-Tenant or Mobile Home Park laws? The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (CVOEO) publishes and distributes Renting in Vermont, a handbook for tenants and landlords, and the Guide to Your Rights as a Mobile Home Park Resident (pdf), call 1-800-287-7971 for a copy.

Facing a legal problem or eviction? Vermont Legal Aid helps eligible people (low income, elderly, and disabled) with legal issues in housing such as accessibility, discrimination, evictions, foreclosure, unsafe housing conditions, and subsidized housing issues. Call 1-800-889-2047 or visit Vermont Law Help for information and referral.

Concerned about lead poisoning? There's only one sure way to find out if your child has lead poisoning. Call the Vermont Department of Health at 1-800-439-8550 for information, or review the Department of Health Lead Resource Guide.

Vermont Department of Public Safety; Division of Fire Safety

Your landlord needs to understand their obligations under building codes administered by the Vermont Department of Public Safety, Fire Safety Division.

Lead-based Paint

Vermont's lead law requires landlords who own properties built before 1978 to conduct several Essential Maintenance Practices (EMPs) to reduce the hazards of lead poisoning.


Learn more at

If you own a home or apartment building and want to reduce the risk of lead poisoning caused by lead paint, check out VHCB's Lead-based Paint Hazard Reduction Program.

Landlord's Certificate and Renter Credit 

Contact the Vermont Department of Taxes at (802) 828-2865 or toll-free at 1-866-828-2865, or visit their webpage:

Landlord Certificates | Department of Taxes (

Renter Credit | Department of Taxes ( (formerly renter rebate program)

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